You can get a PDF of the conference program here
18:30-21:00Welcome Reception at the Planetarium
Changes Team meeting
09:30-09:40Ralf-Jürgen DettmarWelcome
09:40-10:00Judith IrwinA CHANGES update
10:00-10:20Rene Walterbos/Carlos VargasUpdate on Halpha data and C-array paper
10:30-10:40Alex WoodfindenPrimary Beam Corrections at the JVLA
10:50-11:15Coffee break
11:15-11:35Alison MerrittBand to band spectral index maps, CC and BL
11:45-12:05Jayanne EnglishPreliminary ALMA Views of NGC 5775
12:15-13:45Lunch break
Changes Team meeting
13:45-14:15Jeroen StilFaraday complexity in edge-on spiral galaxies from inband depolarization
14:45-15:15Patrick KamieneskiBayesian Methods for Measuring Faraday Rotation
15:25-15:45Coffee break
15:45-16:05Philip SchmidtRotation Measures in CHANGES Galaxies
16:15-16:35Yelena SteinMagnetic field structure in the CHANG-ES galaxies NGC 4013, NGC 4217 and NGC 4666 using RM-Synthesis
16:45-17:00Amanda Kepley/Megan JohnsonGBT Update (Skype)
Open Sessions
09:00-09:20Judith IrwinCHANGES in a Nutshell
09:20-09:50Richard HenriksenExact Steady Scale Invariant Dynamos in Disc Galaxies
10:00-10:45Anvar ShukurovTurbulence and rotation in galactic haloes
10:55-11:20Coffee break
11:20-12:05Reinhard SchlickeiserDiffusive cosmic ray acceleration at shock waves of arbitrary speed
12:15-13:45Lunch break
Open Sessions
13:45-14:30Aritra BasuNew insights from highresolution, low frequency observations of the dwarf galaxy IC 10
14:40-15:00George HealdNearby Galaxies as seen from down under
15:10-15:30Coffee break
15:30-16:15Björn EichmannGalactic Cosmic Rays and their Signatures
16:25-17:10Marijke HaverkornMagnetic Fields in the Milky Way halo
Open Sessions
09:00-09:20Ancor DamasExploring the interaction between the nuclear outflows in the radio halo of NGC 4388 and the ICM of Virgo
09:30-09:50Marita KrauseRadio scale heights, star formation and magnetic fields in 13 spiral galaxies
10:00-10:20Erin BoettcherExtraplanar Gas in M83: Implications for Magnetic Dynamos
10:30-11:00Coffee break
11:00-11:45Ioannis MyserlisProbing the physics of (mildly) relativistic plasmas in jets and outflows with circular polarization
11:55-12:15Volker HeesenThe pre-CHANG-ES perspective on non-thermal outflows in nearby galaxies
12:25-12:45Andy StrongGalactic Cosmic Rays: new data, new puzzles
12:55-14:15Lunch break
Open Sessions
14:15-14:35Carlos VargasThermal Separation in CHANG-ES Galaxies
14:45-15:05Marek WezgowiecHot gas in CHANGES galaxies
15:15-15:35Jiangtao LiHot Circum-Galactic Medium around the most massive spiral galaxies
Team meeting
09:00-09:20Judith IrwinCircular Polarization in the CHANGES Sample
09:30-09:40Yelena SteinAGNs in the center of NGC 4013 and NGC 4666
09:50-10:10Arpad MiskolcziInternal Faraday Depolarisation in Edge-On Galaxies
10:20-10:45Coffee break
10:45-12:00Planing and discussion
12:00-13:30Lunch break
13:30-15:00Planing and discussion
18:30-22:00Workshop dinner
Beckmanns Hof, RUB