The following list is our own selection of hotels for this conference, however it is by no means an exhaustive list. You may find a number of alternatives through common hotel booking websites.

Right next to Bochum Main Station:
(from there you have a very frequent public transport connection to the university with the U35)
Within walking distance of the university:
(Go to "Wohnen - Reservierung" and select "verbindliche Anfrage" to reserve a room. There is no English version of the Website, but Google translate should work well enough). Note that for rooms of categories Ia and Ib, one bathroom is shared between two rooms.

The shortest route between the LSI and the Ruhr-University is through a small forest. But you can also walk around the forest which only takes 5 minutes longer (see map).
The Hotel Lottental is in a rather remote and quiet location, however the university is easily within walking distance from there.